Monday 8 June 2009


have you seen in the news about how monkeys have been found swimming and it is very rare to see it. Well i did some reasearch why humans swim but not monkeys. It turns out that when primates including us know it is safe, have plenty of food and nothing to worry about we will paddle and even have a swim, but some monkeys can't for weight reasons like a gorilla.


Everything in the news nowadays is bad. The credit crunch, global warming and the MP's charging money and putting it on taxes. I don't see the point in complaining over45p. Think about what is 45p divided by all of England, not even a penny. So no point in complaining. So quit whining and get over it. There is one thing I want to say. The MP's are meant to be fixing the credit crunch, but instead they are adding to taxes to finish. Good ridance MP's and good luck trying to find another job with that on your job list.